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As we learned through the experience of managing our own 2 listings, it became clear that we had an instinct for both guest hospitality and the operations of smoothly managing and running rental properties for others

We are looking to add 2-3 additional select homes in the neighborhoods of South Lake Union, Queen Anne, and The University District to our property management portfolio.  In exchange for reasonable management and booking fees, we handle all aspects of your rental business, and provide you reliable monthly income that exceeds your expenses.   We screen, book and greet guests, clean and prepare the home between stays, arrange for maintenance (routine and emergency), and maintain your public listings.  You just sit back and collect checks.  We also field the occasional late night guest call or text so that you don't have to.

To have your home considered, please e-mail us your address, the history of the home, and why you think guests would enjoy staying at your home:  location, quality and comfort of the home, and unique amenities are all traits that appeal to our travelers.

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